Value of LRO

Innovation and Values of LRO-INC.LRO INC understands the goal of what it means to have “The Gold Standard for Living”.

The way to effectively reach these goals is with the understanding how the design, strategic and tactical plan along with cost impacts will affect your end result. For us to best serve our customer we seek constant improvement in what we do.

LRO INC Core Values
a.    Courage to look for a better way, we strive for continuous improvement
b.    Integrity in our decisions and how we treat each other and those we interact with
c.    Pride in what we do. When we look back at the projects we have completed we should be grateful to have been given the opportunity to create / build / service the project. It should be something to brag about.
d.    Professionalism is a service we provide to people who trust us. LRO INC has relationships with some of the best industry professionals in southern California. We have an obligation to be the best we can be for our customers.

You should use LRO INC for:


If your desire is to have the Vision of a “Gold Standard for Living” LRO INC is the type of company you are looking for.

It all starts with the Vision and the communication of that dream to a team of professionals who can develop and execute the Vision. LRO INC has the experience of a Publicly Traded company with the flexibility of an Independent Company. Our experience as a General Contractor, Custom Home Builder, Tennant Improvement Contractor and Land Developer has provided a unique view of how a project functions.

The ability to integrate forms and function of a project is what makes the project exceptional. LRO INC has the knowledge and experience to know the difference of developing an exceptional project.


Our processes are an accumulation of over 30 years of development, construction and customer service experience. We believe in the preparation and pre-planning for each stage of the process for any project. As we engage in the project we will prepare a strategic and tactical approach to meet the end vision.

This is inclusive of the smallest retrofit job to the land development and home building processes. We see quality as a result of teamwork of experienced professionals who are likeminded. LRO INC has the experience of having success in providing and developing quality processes to ensure there is communication throughout the project internally and externally. It is a top down and bottom up approach to the execution of every project.
Once the vision has been communicated it triggers the Plan. LRO INC creates a strategic and tactical plan for every project. This plan is confirmed and ensured to contain the maximum value prior to the implementation of the plan.

LRO INC appreciates the importance of the BUDGET. As part of our planning process we “Value Engineer” the project as part of the responsibility of ensuring value in the project.

We require the acceptance of the entire team before the plan is finalized.

Preparation of the construction / implementation of any project includes:
1.    Kick off meetings to ensure all team members know the goals, scope and timing of the project.
2.    Develop a measureable schedule that is achievable and to hold each other accountable for.
3.    Ensure we understand any complexities for the deliverables to the customer
LRO INC has over 30 years of development, construction and customer service experience. We take pride in our workmanship and reputation that has been developed with many trade partners and consulting professionals.

To us it is well understood that it requires a team to execute any project.