Lighting Programs

LRO believes there is a growing demand for aging facilities to become retrofitted to be resource-efficient.

We see the world from two points of view, we take into account the environment and its welfare, and however we also understand the importance of the economy and the basic business principles to see it thrive. It is our ability to synergize both perspectives, which allows us to implement ultimate sound business solutions that affect your bottom line.

Our business impacts the most visible issues currently facing the planet, energy conservation vs. energy consumption.

Our expertise can either assist you on capitalizing on this opportunity through the acquisition of under-performing properties for redeveloping and repositioning them as high performance green properties, or taking your existing property and retrofitting it to be resource-efficient.

What we do:

We serve as the catalyst for the project team comprised of experienced leaders from the engineering, business, finance, real estate and sustainable community. This cohesive team is highly motivated and can deliver results on time and on budget. We specialize in the latest energy saving technologies and practices to upgrade aging facility equipment, lower utility bills, meet renewable energy goals, improve building performance and increase employee productivity. Our passion for green sustainable building drives us to meet a project teams needs through a defined list of goals.

Lower Operating Costs:
Energy-efficient properties can save 20%-50% of energy costs, which will have a significant role in light of the escalation of energy costs. Our goal is to create solid financial solutions, through utility rebates, state/federal incentives, grants, and strategic tax planning.

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