Land Planning Experience

Eagle Builder Development Value in Design is the key element to reach “The Gold Standard for Living”, that enables successful projects to endure the test of time. LRO INC has experience to bring out the underlying values and enhance the known values of your project.

LRO INC. will provide organizational skills in planning your project to meet your long term goals. Our ability to efficiently complete projects and the quality of service is our strength. We have a sold network of qualified consultants and contractors with skills required for the effective completion of your project

To help ensure the success of your next project, LRO INC can provide you with:

Professional Services in:
Project Management

General Contracting Expertise

Avalon Entry General ContractingLRO with the 30 years of experience has building parks, schools, and public facilities, along with many residential improvements.

Our ‘Gold Standard of Living’ is in all aspects of our business.

Let us know what we can do to service your next project. LRO INC is the builder you want to lead your project.

Just a few examples of who can benefit include, but are not limited to, the following:
*Gas stations
*Truck stops
*Bus terminals
*Corporate office parks

To talk to one of our General Contracting specialists, contact us to make an appointment so we can go over details of the project you would like to build.

Residential Projects


LRO has built over 5,300 residences in 30 years of experience.

Our product types include Single Family Production, Single Family Custom, and Multi-Family homes.

We understand the differences of each product and how families live to utilize the amenities we provide. We design and build our projects as if we were to live there. This way we know the time-tested quality will be there. This is “The Gold Standard for Living”.

Our expertise includes the grading and streets along with the sticks and bricks, sprinkler and plants of a project.

Customer satisfaction is a driving element to the operational function of the business. See some examples of our work here.

LRO INC is the builder you want to lead your project.