Land Planning Experience

Eagle Builder Development Value in Design is the key element to reach “The Gold Standard for Living”, that enables successful projects to endure the test of time. LRO INC has experience to bring out the underlying values and enhance the known values of your project.

LRO INC. will provide organizational skills in planning your project to meet your long term goals. Our ability to efficiently complete projects and the quality of service is our strength. We have a sold network of qualified consultants and contractors with skills required for the effective completion of your project

To help ensure the success of your next project, LRO INC can provide you with:

Professional Services in:
Project Management

General Contracting Expertise

Avalon Entry General ContractingLRO with the 30 years of experience has building parks, schools, and public facilities, along with many residential improvements.

Our ‘Gold Standard of Living’ is in all aspects of our business.

Let us know what we can do to service your next project. LRO INC is the builder you want to lead your project.

Just a few examples of who can benefit include, but are not limited to, the following:
*Gas stations
*Truck stops
*Bus terminals
*Corporate office parks

To talk to one of our General Contracting specialists, contact us to make an appointment so we can go over details of the project you would like to build.

Energy Retrofit Programs

Saving energy is saving money and is a direct benefit to the bottom line of any business.

LRO INC provides an analysis of the current energy consumption, finds the inefficiencies and provides recommendations for the best solution to reduce your energy bill.

Our Process

1. Diagnosis of energy usage.

2. Optimization of upgrades and improvements

3. We consider your business needs and the resources you have available to help you meet your savings goals. Utilizing our suppliers and the quality of brands such as GE, Sylvania, Leviton, Universal, LaCroix, Lithonia, Phillips and more. We have access to many options to provide the best solution to meet your needs.

4.  Project management

Let LRO INC provide our organizational skills in planning your project to meet your long term goals. Our ability to efficiently complete projects and our quality of service is our strength.

LRO INC can provide professional services in architectural, engineering, contracting, planning to help ensure a successful project.

Incentives and rebate collection

Our understanding of the rebate program and how we can implement these resources toward your project will help provide the maximum incentive available, thus minimizing the out of pocket expenses or the amount needed to be financed.

LRO-Inc has a specialty Energy Lighting and Energy Savings Division.

Learn more about energy saving options here:

Commercial Energy Saving Applications

Green Energy Saving Communities

Multifamily Common Areas


This is one of the few capital improvements you can do for your business or home that pays for itself in a short period of time.

Reduce your monthly expenses

Increase property values

Decrease maintenance costs

Pay for less peak demand energy

Rebates and financial assistance is available

Creating a path to a sustainable future is a worthy goal.

Environmental Responsibility – Minimizing the carbon footprint of each of us is an item that may be a future business requirement. Do it now while the rebates are available.

A productive environment is well lit.

To discover which energy efficient lighting products are best for you, contact us to set up an energy analysis.

Featured Home Building

Residential Projects


LRO has built over 5,300 residences in 30 years of experience.

Our product types include Single Family Production, Single Family Custom, and Multi-Family homes.

We understand the differences of each product and how families live to utilize the amenities we provide. We design and build our projects as if we were to live there. This way we know the time-tested quality will be there. This is “The Gold Standard for Living”.

Our expertise includes the grading and streets along with the sticks and bricks, sprinkler and plants of a project.

Customer satisfaction is a driving element to the operational function of the business. See some examples of our work here.

LRO INC is the builder you want to lead your project.

Commercial Interior Energy Saving Lights

Finding the Right Energy Efficient Commercial Office Lighting

As a business owner, you are obligated to provide your employees and customers with a comfortable and productive place to work. This is why it is important to carefully choose the lights under which they work.

If you incorporate the wrong commercial office lighting into your business it can have a detrimental effect. If you have installed lighting in the past, you already know that every project is different, and general illumination advice can only go so far.

Today it’s not enough to just have good illumination for your commercial building. Savvy property and business owners are recognizing the need to install effective lighting that is also energy efficient.

You will still need to consult with a professional illumination expert concerning the finer specifics of your businesses commercial office lighting project.

Then you can decide if you want to follow their general tips to choose and install the lighting yourself, or if you will need to hire an electrical contractor to install the illumination fixtures for you.

In the past, working in an office was often very tiring for employees, customers and business owners themselves, even before doing any work. People in waiting rooms have experienced eye strain and fatigue just from sitting underneath older generation indoor fluorescent lights.

This resulted from the poor power control of older magnetic ballasts in these antiquated commercial office lighting fixtures that were incorporated into a businesses illumination scheme. It would often produce a barely audible humming sound as well as a discernible flickering often causing headaches and undetermined annoyances.

Additionally, the bulbs in those fixtures had a mixture of gases and metals which cast a slightly yellowish glow, which leads to eyestrain. Can you image how much worse it is for your employees and guests, who also have the added stress of their work with which to deal?

If your lights are older than seven years, you will need to install a new energy efficient commercial office lighting control system for the betterment of your employees, customers and yourself.


LRO INC provides commercial building owners and property managers solutions for energy efficient commercial lighting with High Bay lights that are the superior light option to illuminate manufacturing/distribution facilities, gymnasiums, schools, stores, warehouses or any high-ceiling industrial building.

Energy costs savings of up to 50% as compared to the older technologies in Metal-Halide or High-Pressure Sodium high bays. Perfect for retrofits, new construction, and rebate friendly.

Contact us today to set up time for one of our lighting experts to visit with you in order to provide you with an energy analysis for your property and building use needs.

Residential Exterior & Interior Energy Saving Lights

The Different Benefits Of Using Low Energy Bulbs for Exterior & Interior Lights

Industries and consumers are now heeding the call for the wider use of energy-efficient equipments and devices, and many are now using eco-friendly low energy bulbs for their exterior and interior lighting needs.

These days, the most common energy saving lighting devices are compact fluorescent lamps which are also referred to as CFL’s. These lighting types have been touted to be among the best and most affordable low energy bulbs for homes and offices.  Ask about the superior efficiency of LED and Induction lighting for the highest amount of energy savings.

The standard light bulbs consume large amounts of energy because these turn energy into heat rather than light. CFL’s on the other hand work in the same manner as their early fluorescent cousins, wherein the electric current makes its way through gas in a tube and its tube coating glows brightly.

In addition, the latest array of low-energy light bulbs manufactured and sold today are no longer really big ones, as these are usually slightly smaller than their standard lighting equivalents. These low energy lighting equipments also come with attractive designs and classic shapes.

LRO INC has energy and lighting specialists that work with you to develop the lighting plan to suit your interior lighting needs.

When you work with our lighting specialst’s, you will discover the variety of lighting styles available to you to fit your style, lighting requirements and your budget.

Contact us today to set up an energy analysis appointment and take the next step to saving money and energy today.

Additional Energy Saving Lighting